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After many people in the 20th century have taken healthy eating more seriously, we have developed the LUNA L12 frozen yoghurt machines. Luna frozen yoghurt machines ensure beautifully smooth, consistent and hygienic yoghurt. Frozen yoghurt is a fantastic low-fat alternative to Ice cream and contains probiotics (healthy bacteria) to aid the bodies digestive functions. It’s a go to product for those peckish, health aware customers.

The L12 has had its pasteurisation system specially formulated to heat more gently meaning the machines are suitably capable of heating many different products without changing the fine tastes in the products.

LUNA high-tech model L 12 H L/W


The L 12 H L/W 

Basic model “L” Air cooling

For stationary and mobile locations. It can be combined at any time with a syrup device for the application of a topping.

Option “F”

The basic model can be upgraded with a syrup device for the application of a topping onto the ice cream portio


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