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LUNA basic model L 99 HL

The LUNA soft ice cream machine L 99 HL is our classic model.

With this ice cream machine you can turn your ice cream business into an experience for your customers.

It can be supplied for either ‘service’ or ‘self-service operation’.

With the option to upgrade by adding a syrup device, it increases the variety of the ice creams you have to offer.

Our biggest feature, when developing the L99, was the telemetry device. The machines are fitted with sim card modems,

allowing us to access the data of the machines. This enables our technicians to read data and make adjustments and updates to machines.

This has proved very beneficial to our customers. We are able to manipulate portion control, portion size, temperature settings and much more.

The L 99 HL is available in two versions

Basic model “L” Air cooling

Can be used for stationary and mobile applications with air cooling.

Optional – syrup device

The basic model can be upgraded with a syrup device for the application of one of two selectable toppings to the ice cream portion.

Optional – self service device

As an option, your LUNA soft ice cream machine can be equipped for self-service operation. Buying ice cream becomes an experience for your customers. And your staff will be relieved of an extra duty.

Download the technical data sheet