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LUNA high-tech model L 07 H L/W

The LUNA soft ice cream machine L 07 HL/W is the patented high-tech model for all operators seeking state-of-the-art technology with the highest possible level of operating comfort.

The novel technical characteristics of this ice cream machine, compared with the basic or comfort models, are the special innovative features:


Equipped with a touch screen, the soft ice cream machine offers you superior operator guidance. You can have all important data displayed automatically: Device status, filling level of the machine, number of portions sold and much more.


Irrespective of the location, you can have the operating status of your ice cream machine permanently analysed by us within the scope of our comprehensive service package. This increases the operational reliability of your machine and hence also your sales volume potential.

The L 07 H L/W is available with the following variants

Basic model “L” Air cooling

For stationary and mobile applications – with air cooling. 

Basic model “W” water cooling

Particularly quiet – at stationary locations – with water cooling  

Optional syrup device

The basic model can be upgraded by addition of a syrup device for the application of a topping to ice cream portions.


Coin Operated option with Self-serve

Upgrading to self-service operation is a very efficient option for you as the operator, as your ice cream machine also takes care of payment. For this purpose this model can be equipped with a coin machine. You can determine the currency in the touch screen settings.

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