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LUNA high-tech model L 12 H L/W


The L 12 H L/W 

The L12 model has had some behind the scene improvements! The pasteurisation system has been improved massively!
This results in protecting the most delicate of mixtures and conserves the sweet creamy taste of your products.

This new and improved model has had an upgraded technical programme which allows our technicians to fix most problems, and resolve them instantly via remote access, should they occur. This makes these machines the ‘most’ reliable and profitable to our customers!

Basic model “L” Air cooling

For stationary and mobile locations. It can be combined at any time with a syrup device for the application of a topping.

Option “F”

The basic model can be upgraded with a syrup device for the application of a topping onto the ice cream portion




Like our L07 model, our new L12 model can be fitted with a coin mechanism and syrups.
With our L12 model you can also add a cone dispenser.

Download the technical data sheet