Ireks U.K. Ltd/Luna UK and palm oil-free soft ice cream

At Ireks U.K. Ltd/Luna UK, we take the issue of sustainability very seriously and are constantly working on it. That is why our soft ice cream has been without palm oil since 2016. Due to the growing demand for consumer goods worldwide, palm oil is increasingly used in many industrially produced foods. Because of this rising consumption, the cultivation of palm oil has increased, which has a negative impact on the environment. Forests worldwide are being cleared for palm oil plantations, meaning that countless animal and plant species are endangered and, in some cases, even threatened with extinction. Thus, one thing is clear: the worldwide consumption of palm oil is to be drastically reduced! As a member of the IREKS Group, Ireks U.K. Ltd/Luna UK has always been committed to sustainability. Since 2016, Ireks U.K. Ltd/Luna UK soft ice cream has been produced exclusively without palm oil. By manufacturing all its products free of palm oil, Ireks U.K. Ltd/Luna UK is making a valuable contribution to protecting our environment and the
habitats of numerous animal species.


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