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The best commercial slush machine on the market? Then the iPro slush machines are your best choice. During the hot summer months, nothing is more refreshing than a deliciously refreshing slushie. The perfect drink to quench your customers’ thirst. The iPro slush machines are equipped with a powerful refrigeration and sturdy mixing paddles. This makes them a reliable part of your business, even at peak times. With an iPro slush machine you can tempt your customers with a sweet delight in various colours and flavours.

Commercial slush machines

Slush machines are the perfect addition to your bar or counter as it will boost impulse sales when your customers see the coloured ice-based drinks. Depending on your business’ most common guests you can score high by selling frozen lemonades to children and frozen cocktails and coffees to adults. The iPro machines are available in single, twin or triple tank versions. Single barrel machines are perfect for outlets that are looking for an attractive countertop merchandiser to promote impulse sales. Twin or triple barrel machines are perfect for outlets with high demand at peak times or outlets that are looking for a wider range of flavours to boost sales.

Special features of our commercial slush machines:


Available in black or white


Available in 1, 2 or 3 sizes


per bowl


30% lower power consumption than other models


We carry parts for your slush machine


Easy operation of the functions
IKEA ice cream machines

iPro1 Slush machine

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IKEA ice cream machines

iPro2 slush machine

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IKEA ice cream machines

iPro3 slush machine

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High capacity commercial slush machines 

Whether slushies are your primary source of profit or an addition to your menu, you want to maximise the profits. iPro slush machines have a capacity of 11 litres per barrel and are known for their high freeze capacity, fast refrigeration and high efficiency. Moreover, iPro machines have an attractive design for both your employees and your customers in that they draw attention and are very easy to use. You can rely on the iPro commercial slush machine to keep all your customers’ thirst quenched. At LUNA UK, we offer you a wide range of flavours to fill up your barrels so you can drive sales to everyone’s taste.

Excellent client service and a good experience with our products is what matters to us. That is why we have after-sales service and support available after purchasing our iPro machines. That way your machine stays in shape and continues to help you achieve greater sales.