Here at Luna UK we are always looking at new ideas and concepts.
Our latest is to integrate our proven German made high quality ice cream machines with UK dairy farmers.
The concept is to incorporate the fresh milk from their own cows into an ice cream product that they can sell through their own farm shops and brand as their own.
A perfect blend of a premium machine with a premium home sourced product.
This has been very successful for us with dairy farmers in Germany and Holland.
We currently have our first UK machine utilising this idea at a beautiful Norfolk location.
The Parlour Tea Rooms is based within Abbey Farm, Binham.

The farm is owned by William and Alex Wales, who are fourth generation to run the farm and oversee a herd of 100 pedigree Holstein Friesian cows.

How it works
Luna UK supply the ice cream machine through either a fully maintained rental or purchase.
The machine can be customised for each individual customers requirements, from an owner operated format behind the counter, all the way up to a card or cash operated customer self dispensing version which can be placed as a stand alone vending machine.
Check out this model by following the link below to our You Tube demonstration video highlighting the machine with all its options.

Of course the machine is only half the story.
Next comes the amazing product.

We supply a base powder vanilla mix. This contains all the ingredients you need to make a fantastic tasting ice cream product. Now the good bit for the dairy farmer is that you just add a little water and most importantly your own milk from your own cows!!
The ice cream can now be marketed as your own soft serve ice cream.
William and Alex are currently using the ice cream not only in a tub or cone, but for desserts and also for making delicious milkshakes, making the machine usable all year round and not just for the summer months.
We are sure that as the weather improves into the year that this will grow and grow and become a great partnership between us and them.
If you are interested in try this idea for yourself then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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