For almost 30 years, Luna has been the commercial ice cream supplier of choice for catering businesses around the world. We have supplied many well-known and large companies. The quality of our German-manufactured machines has been recognised globally and we strive to offer a service that exceeds expectations.

We provide clients with premium products that are durable, high-tech, and easy to maintain to ensure customers are served quickly and smoothly. With Luna ice cream machines, good performance is always assured, even at peak times and their compact size makes them suitable for any location.

We are approved suppliers of ice cream machines with a solid reputation

The range of machines we have for sale and rent suits static and mobile locations such as seafront kiosks, shops, theme parks, pubs, and restaurants. To keep Luna at the forefront of this industry, we continually enhance our technology and as a result, we are firmly established in the market.

What makes our machines different?

  • High performance – Output of 350 portions of 100g per hour
  • Low maintenance – Daily cleaning at the touch of a button
  • High-quality manufacturer – Components are made from stainless steel and are designed to last
  • Reliability – Control elements ensure consistent ice cream quality
  • Consistent ice cream quantities – The adjustable ice cream flow ensures equal-sized portions
  • Quality – A specific agitator and a high stable overrun ensure a particularly fine soft ice cream consistency
  • Pasteurisation cycle – Fully automatic at the touch of a button
  • Indication system for refilling – Easy to understand, practical, and saves time
  • Easy operation – Plus free training for you/your staff
  • Low space requirement – Small footprint
  • Impeccable Hygiene – Closed hygiene system due to technological advantage
  • Engineer support – on hand for any assistance required.
  • Various payment systems – the machines can be set up to take coins, tokens, or contactless payments



Comprehensive advice is available on site or over the phone and the after-sales service and support we offer is second to none. Technical issues and queries are swiftly handled by skilled engineers who also take care of the required cleaning , assembling and maintenance for you.

We guarantee secure shopping and competitive prices on purchases. We are the sole suppliers of ‘Luna machines’ in the UK and Ireland and are very proud to be BRCGS accredited. For a free consultation, get in touch with a member of our friendly team and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you to find you the best solution.

Luna also supplies milk shakeslush, and ice coffee machines!

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