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Looking for the best commercial slush machine on the market? Then the iPro slush machines are your best choice. During the hot summer months, nothing is more refreshing than a deliciously refreshing slushie. The perfect drink to quench your customers’ thirst. The iPro slush machines are equipped with powerful refrigeration and sturdy mixing paddles. This makes them a reliable part of your business, even at peak times.

Luna’s slush machines will seamlessly integrate into your business operations, providing a dependable asset. Placing one on your counter or bar will not only enhance the visual appeal with its vibrant drinks but also elevate impulse sales as customers are enticed by the enticing array of colours.

These machines plug straight into a 13amp domestic socket. They require little maintenance, and the high-profit margin means a healthy boost in revenue! If you would like to add this crowd-pleaser to your offering, you can buy it here or contact us if you have any questions.

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Luna’s milkshake machine rental service includes full staff training and all service parts


The special shape of the I-PRO tanks, provides 11 litres of finished product each and is LED-lighted, allowing for a natural mixing effect that guarantees perfect consistency of the product

Tanks work independently, which allows you to produce with a single piece of equipment: slushies, milkshakes, frozen drinks, and cold drinks

I-PRO is an ideal slush machine for bars, amusement parks, petrol stations, fast food chains, kiosks, restaurants, water parks, cafes, and much more.

Each tank holds 11 liters of finished product

The patented I-Tank insulated bowl reduces the impact of ambient temperature on the product, improving its cooling efficiency and guaranteeing energy and cost savings.

The mechanical control allows you to manually set the “production mode” and the “night mode”

The LED-backlit frontal panel gives maximum visibility to the equipment

Available as one tank or two tanks

Available in black or white


Whether slushies are your primary source of profit or an addition to your menu, you want to maximise the profits. iPro slush machines have a capacity of 11 litres per barrel and are known for their high freeze capacity, fast refrigeration and high efficiency. Moreover, iPro machines have an attractive design for both your employees and your customers in that they draw attention and are very easy to use. You can rely on the iPro commercial slush machine to keep all your customers’ thirst quenched. Excellent client service and a good experience with our products are what matters to us. That is why we have after-sales service and support available after purchasing our iPro machines. That way your machine stays in shape and continues to help you achieve greater sales.

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