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High quality ice cream machines available to rent in & around Bournemouth

If your business in Greater Bournemouth needs an ice cream machine, we have the perfect equipment available to rent for a great low price. From just £75 per week + vat, you can hire a premium machine without having to worry about any service costs. We’ll deliver the machinery to your mobile or stationary location and offer assistance during installation and connection to make the process quick and hassle-free.

Our ice cream machines are perfect for seaside locations in Bournemouth

Renting a Luna ice cream machine means you can offer customers across Greater Bournemouth delicious desserts without having to deal with cleaning, assembling or maintenance. Our team of motivated engineers take care of everything for you and if you have any technical issues or queries, a specialist will assist you within 24 hours.

Why wait? Hire an ice cream machine in Greater Bournemouth from the experts today!

Rental options are available on a range of machines, including coffeecold creams, slushmilk shake and ice cream.

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