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Our ice cream machines for rent in Hastings promise performance, durability & reliability

Ice cream machines are our passion and we have been providing clients in Hastings with an unbeatable rental service for 30 years. We handle everything from delivery, collection, installation, connection, and servicing to cleaning, sterilisation and staff training. There are many reasons to choose our machines, including their compact size, high capacity, low maintenance and ease of use.

Need a reliable ice cream machine without the big upfront cost? Choose Luna’s rental service!

Luna produces high-tech ice cream machines that can be hired out to any location, stationary or mobile, in Hastings. Engineers will performance regular maintenance checks throughout the rental period to ensure your equipment continues to operate perfectly even at peak times. Ready to rent a Luna machine? Get in touch to speak to our experts and arrange a free consultation.

All kinds of businesses in Hastings love our ice cream machines & we’d love to work with yours too!

Rental options are available on a range of machines, including coffeecold creams, slushmilk shake and ice cream.

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