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Luna makes it easy to rent an ice cream machine in Torbay

Renting ice cream machines is popular among businesses in Torbay who want an alternative to purchasing catering equipment. There is no large financial outlay tied to machinery hire and the fixed weekly payments make budgeting and forecasting so simple. If you have any questions about our service, Luna’s knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you over the phone at any time.

Ice cream machine rental has many benefits, call to find out more!

Since there are no major upfront costs, renting is an attractive option for those looking for high quality ice cream machines in Torbay. There is the option to return the machine at the end of the rental period or buy it at a later date. The level of hygiene and reliability of our ice cream machines is unparalleled, rent one today to see for yourself.

Your customers in Torbay will love the refreshing ice cream served by Luna’s premium machines

Rental options are available on a range of machines, including coffeecold creams, slushmilk shake and ice cream.

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