Luna’s milk shake machine rental service includes full staff training and all service parts

There are many benefits to choosing our milk shake machine rental service including no large financial outlay and no service costs. With fixed lease rental payments, budgeting and forecasting is simple and we provide all the backup you need. No matter how long you need to rent the machine for, you can rest assured our engineers will keep it running smoothly with regular servicing, cleaning, and sterilisation. Hiring a milk shake machine is a popular alternative to buying one as you are not limited by your purchasing budget and there are no major upfront costs.

You can start using your new machinery right away and throughout the hire period, your milk shake machine will be looked after by a team of industry experts. If you require any assistance, Luna’s engineers are on standby and ready to help in the unlikely event of any problems with your machine; service parts are included in the weekly fee.

Call 01702 662 795 to speak to our team of milk shake machine rental specialists

Our high-capacity milk shake machines promise consistent quality, even during Peak hours, and they can dispense 120 x 300ml cups of shake per hour, with a unique syrup dispensing system that means you can offer your customers a total of four different delicious flavours.

To arrange milk shake machine rental for your business, get in touch with Luna and we will expertly handle delivery, installation, connection, and servicing to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience. Returning your machine at the end of the rental period is quick and simple or you have the option of buying the machine at a later date.

Luna also has Ice Cream, Slush, Frozen Yoghurt, and Ice Coffee machines available to rent.