An inexpensive way to start making money from soft ice-cream with a quality machine

Buy or rent a commercial used ice cream machine today!

Choosing to install a used machine is a great way to make money from premium ice cream sales without the cost of brand new equipment. Whether you are looking for a machine that will be a temporary or permanent feature of your business, we deliver the same high level of service from the moment your place your order. Maintenance on all used machines is carried out by trained engineers so you can be sure that our products are kept in great condition. Even if you do not have the budget to purchase a new machine, we can still help you start selling the best ice cream around by offering fully reconditioned units for a great low price.

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Buying or renting a used commercial ice cream machine has many benefits

A used machine offers your customers the same positive experience with delicious soft ice cream as a new machine would. Your used machine comes from the original supplier and is given a mechanical and cosmetic renovation to ensure it runs smoothly and looks the part.

Luna’s commercial ice cream machines are low maintenance and high output, with Basic, Comfort and Hi-Tech options available to suit any requirements. They are known for their durability and their level of hygiene has been tested and approved.

Luna also has a wide range of new ice cream, milk shake, slush, cold cream and ice coffee machines available to buy or rent!

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